Hotel Poľana – Business class hotel with a long tradition lying in the heart of Slovakia. This is only a short characteristic of the Hotel Poľana with its unique location directly at the Zvolen Castle.

Hotel Poľana welcomed its guests for the first time in 1960. It was built within the hotel chain Interhotely, which was part of Cedok Prague. The project was designed by Ing. Arch. Mikuláš Gažík, who was genuinely generous in the spatial solution and selection of the material. Since 1991 he has been owner of Ing. Anton Gabriš with his family. Since its inception, the hotel has been the dominant of the town of Zvolen, always the „place where it lived“ thanks to countless guests, excellent cuisine, but especially the famous night bar, which was closed for a while but after a thorough reconstruction its gates reopened in 2016 fans of quality music and entertainment and thanks to this, Hotel Poľana is the only hotel in the vicinity with its own top-quality hotel bar, whose potential extends to other regions as well. Numerous well-known personalities, Miroslav Žbirka, Helena Vondráčková or Peter Nagy, also rewarded, thanks to the quality services, the pleasant environment and the staff.

The hotel is a great base from which you can choose to explore the picturesque town of Zvolen with the beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque houses in the square and the impressive castle. You can combine history with nearby tourism while exploring the Pustý Castle, where you can admire a beautiful view of the entire Zvolen basin and the surrounding hills. The hotel’s historic touch is also provided by its own garden with the remains of the city walls, called the „Fekete Chevalier Garden“, which died here in the battle.

Team Hotel Poľana wishes you a pleasant stay!

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