Protection of personal data

A buyer is required to provide personally identifiable informations, completely, true and accurate, and in the event of any changes in personal datas, notify such change (without delay if it is decisive for the fulfillment of the order) by email or in writing, or make such changes within its user account.

Customer informations are processed in accordance with Slovak law no. 122/2013, about protection of personal data, as amended. A buyer, by signing the contract and the current active confirmation of „Consent to the Processing of Personal Data“ prior to sending the order, agrees with the processing and collection of personal data in the operator’s database; This approval is valid until the written consent of the buyer with this processing delivered to the address of the seller’s address or by email Buyer’s personal data is not sold by an operator to any other person, with the exception of external carriers whose personal data is sold in order to fulfill the order, et inde delivering the goods to the buyer.

The contract is sold to the seller and is available to the buyer on request.

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